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Hair Turban Dalmatian Print



do the twist

Dogged by frizzy, distressed hair no matter what products you try? It’s time to trade up from a tired old towel to a modern microfibre fabric that treats your tresses with the respect they deserve – and this Dalmatian print turban is spot on for the job.

Unlike a rough heavy towel, it’s made from smooth lightweight fibres that won’t snag, stretch or break delicate damp hair, and it soaks up excess water far faster to speed drying time, which means you can minimise heat damage from your hairdryer. The (hair) net result? Healthier, glossier locks and a farewell to frizz. It even puts a (non-split) end to annoying drips down the back of your neck.

You can use your turban straight from the shower while you’re indulging in a skin treatment, doing your make-up or simply kicking back and relaxing. It’s also super-handy when you’re on the beach, fresh from the pool or want to get kids’ hair dry without tears. Lightly elasticated edges and a choice of two fastening buttons make it perfect for all types of hair – big, short, long, curly and all styles in between. With a fetching, retro-style black spot print on white, it’s practical, pretty and protective – what’s not to puppy love?

How to use:


  • Pop the turban over wet hair, button-end at the back (if you’ve got long hair, tip your head down first).
  • Tuck in any stray tresses, then twist up in the super-absorbent turban like you would with a towel.
  • Bring the twist back over your head and fasten the loop at the end around one of the buttons to secure.
  • Machine wash regularly at 30C and always leave to air-dry. Avoid fabric conditioner as this will reduce the fabric’s absorbency.