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  • dolly & winnie make-up headbands

Dolly and Winnie Make-up Headband Duo


Keep good hair looking great with our delightful, retro-style Dolly and Winnie make-up headbands – one for you, and one for your bestie. They’re the perfect pals for a pampering session or prepping for a big night out, when you don’t want to risk make-up and skin-care products messing with your ’do. 

In two sugar-sweet colour combos – pale pink polka dots on white for Winnie, and white dots on baby pink for Dolly – the icing on the cake is a big, bold bow you’ll go dotty for. 

The headbands are gently elasticated to keep them in comfortably in place, and wide enough to prevent pesky flyaways. Made from soft towelling fabric that won’t break, snag or tangle your hair, they’re also ideal for protecting your blow-dry when you’re giving it 110% in a workout. What’s not to love? 

How to use:

  • Slip the band on over your head and down to your neck, with that super-sweet bow at the front.
  • Free any hair caught underneath, then pull the band back up to cover your hairline, sweeping stray locks back and away from your face.
  • Just one last tweak to get the bow into perfect posing position – how cute are you! 
  • To keep in your hairbands in the pink, machine wash at 30C and allow to air-dry.