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Shower Cap Cherry


Love a steamy shower or a soak in the bathtub but could care less about the havoc it wreaks on your crowning glory? 

You don’t need to despair over damp locks or flip out over frizz any more. It’s time to say ciao baby to dis-tresses – and hello, temp-tresses! Yes ma’am, your blow-dry is in safe hands with our flirty, fruitylicious shower cap to the rescue. 

Made from soft, satin polyester in a divinely retro cherry print, it’ll bring a touch of vintage 1950s glamour to your beauty routine and your bathroom. 

A gently elasticated fit covers all hairstyles but is snug enough make sure every last little strand stays safely under wraps and away from the wet.

The cherry on the cupcake is a polka dot lining that’s pretty in pink and completely waterproof – keeping you cute as pie and your ’do as dry as a James Bond martini. 

How to use

  • If your hair is long enough, first secure it in a bun or ponytail. Pop on your cherry shower cap and tuck in any loose strands around your face and neck. 
  • Your new BFF when you’re bathing, singing in the shower or giving yourself a home facial. Wipe clean after use and leave to air dry. 
  • Want to indulge your ’do? Just before bed, slather on your favourite mask or deep conditioning treatment, then cover up with your cap to lock in moisture overnight and protect your pillow while you sweetly dream of tomorrow’s great hair day.