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  • Impress Your Friends With Vintage Inspired Gifts This Christmas

    It’s nearly time! If you’re anything like us you probably haven’t been totally organised in getting all the presents you actually needed to get at this point in December! We love how they did things back in the good old days i.e. the 50s (of course!). Homemade presents, brown paper packages wrapp... View Post
  • Which Do You Reach For, Blending Sponge Or Jelly Pebble? Part 2

    This product came a little later to the party than the OG Blending Sponge, however it definitely deserves its fair share of the love amongst all make-up fanatics and we'll show you why… First of all, we’ll just say that this is NOT a Blending Sponge, so please don’t use it like one! Any time tha... View Post
  • Which do you reach for? Blending Sponge or Jelly Pebble? Part 1

    We’ll just say straight away – we adore BOTH! But 100% they have different strengths and should not be used in the same way. In case you’re not a professional make-up artist, we wanted to help you out and share our personal research!   To begin, if a Blending Sponge is your thing, DO NOT get one ... View Post