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  • What Did The Starlets Of The 50's Teach Us About Beauty?

    Those big doe eyes, sculpted brows and perfectly coiffured hair-dos have left a lot of us wishing that we had been around in the 50’s! We get much of our inspiration from these classic Hollywood beauties – and we can definitely learn a thing or two from their beauty routines…   The eyes were prob... View Post
  • Skincare Vibes For 2019

    First of all we’d love to set the record straight – good skin care does not have to be complex or overly expensive. We love watching a 20-step skincare routine just as much as the next beauty obsessed girl. However to do that yourself, you will probably break the bank buying all the products and ... View Post
  • Are You Cleaning Your Make-up Brushes Properly?

    Now this is a question that in the beauty industry we are asked about COUNTLESS times! Can you clean natural hair brushes the same as synthetic ones? Do you really need to invest in a brush cleanser? Weekly, fortnightly or monthly – which is it!?   As a community, we are not cleaning our brushes ... View Post